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Red river (BG)
Red river
Is across my way
I remember that was walking
But to remember where to – I can't
And it seems it's easy –
To swim across, to go over
And suddenly you see yourself
As rooted to the spot on the shore
Red river has
Wings of the heavenly dawn
In red river
The water is exactly my blood
You want to say something
Keep quiet a little bit, don't tell
Everything already is said
Was said a thousand times
There is no sense to repeat it again
And your beauty is the light in the window
To the lost one in the snows
Your beauty stuns me
I can't to stand fast on my feet
But to break through to the water 
Need with a heart melt this ice
And there – the twilight and the endless way
Which nowhere not leads

There is not, what's done
What could not have done someone else
There is not, who crossed over river
And, who not crossed over, there is not
But when this sun
Rises over red river –
Who will see along with me
How water turns into the light

The overflight of blimps over a field of clover (Instrumental) Igor Timofeev

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