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March of Holy cows (BG)
Enough to entertain me, else I will howl
Better, let's say "no!" to violence and banditry
Let's say "no!" to banditry and violence
And let's become like Blissful Basil
Our Yefrosinya depends on the moment
Now is godlike, and now is ambivalent
But who is no without sin, let first cast a stone
From this spark the flame may flare up
Find seven differences on this picture
And better carry hither vodka-martini
(Shaken not stirred!)
My profession from morning until half past one
To think that I'm your Sacred cow 
Sacred cow, heavenly manna
Let is nutritious, but is not always humane
And if we will stick in a bog and a slime
I will be first, who will shout, "Hay! Vodka-martini!"    
(Shaken not stirred!)
Cows hear
Cows know
Cows are in the know
Open your eyes, look: they fly up!
Look, here they fly up! 
So we're flying forward and let we're not without spots
But the smoke of the fatherland to us is sweet and pleasant
Thanks to the sun that is at us over head
But be ready that I anyway will howl –
How us is not ashamed so bogged down in a routine
Guess what to do, when there is no martini
(Sorry, Mr. Bond!)

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